Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 1

Mark and Ashley=176
Sue and Tracy=29
Kristen and Clark=68
Reid and DeeAnn= didn’t turn in this week
Mady and Amanda=52
Lisa and Bobby=112
Katie and Kindsey=168
Kevin and Janelle= didn’t turn in this week

There are a few things we want to change and if anyone has a problem just let me know. A few couples said that they were having a problem with the eating after 8:00 because of work, school, and life. We were thinking about taking that out. Also we were going to change that you can only get up to 12 point of cardio a week because you aren’t supposed to do cardio all 7 days of the week. Last, for strength training, stretching we will do a max of 5 a week.
We also are going to start collecting points on Monday instead of Sunday. If you only turned in your points through Sat e mail me and I will update the information. Keep working hard. Some had better weeks but we still have 3 ½ months to make up more points. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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